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The Intrigues of Life

I recently got an email notifying me of a new MeetUp group based near me and titled A Dark Room for Gay Men. I caught my breath for a moment, and then felt the warmth enveloping my face. It was as if I had looked myself in the mirror and saw a face I had…
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Some definitions of male intimacy

When I’ve spoken with men who have sex with other men, I’ve realized how varied a group those men are. Some men describe themselves as their roles in sexual activity: top, bottom or versatile. Others describe themselves as their relationships to other men: dom, sub, sissy-boy, cross-dresser, master or slave. Yet others can describe their…
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The incomplete training of doctors

I recently read a story in the NY Times describing the establishment of a Urology clinic at the Northwestern Medical Center (in Chicago) that addresses issues that gay men have after being treated for prostate cancer.  The gist of the story behind the story is that most Urologists have neither any awareness of, nor interest…
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